It was clear at our first meeting that Sonya was a dynamic and dedicated expert in her field.  She understood our preferences and demonstrated excellent taste, inspiring us with her creative ideas. Her plans were stylish and complimented our existing home. Our choice, Sonya handled all aspects of the renovation including the shopping and, which particularly pleased us, the coordination of tradesmen. The finished product was beyond our expectations.   Compliments from friends and family were abundant. We are delighted with all aspects of the job - the excellent communication, attention to detail, coordination of tradesmen, quality of work and the result.

J. McNeil, Kanata, Ontario

Sonya developed a beautiful design for a major renovation of our home. The design showed she had incorporated all of the things that were important to us, but packaged these in a way we could not have imagined ourselves. She simplified the whole process by bringing coordinated samples to our house to save us running around, and to help narrow decisions. She remained open to our ideas as well, which is something that was very important to us. Sonya is very talented, very creative and has a great sense of style. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to our friends and colleagues.

Heather and Pat, Nepean, Ontario

We had a cottage designed for us and Sonya selected the colours and materials for inside and out. She looked after almost every detail including, siding & shakes, flooring, fireplace, paint colour, kitchen & bathroom cabinetry design & finish. Once the construction was complete, she decorated each of the rooms - transforming our cottage into a relaxing coastal oasis. 

She had a fabulous flair for colour, texture and accents and was in tune with our likes and dislikes and our budget. It was a very enjoyable experience. We'll definitely be calling upon Sonya to help us update our home in the near future.

V. Hersey

“Sonya created the perfect mix of stylish homes with just enough flair and personality to appeal to our buyers and enhance the structure of our homes. Her attention to detail made us proud to have our name on her award-winning interior design in Poole Creek.  Sonya’s professionalism, vision and performance as a designer is outstanding.” 

Deborah Champagne, Director of Sales, Tamarack Homes

“Sonya Kinkade Design has been my go to for all my design wants & needs for many inspirational years. Sonya has come up with numerous designs and a few complete renovations for me; throughout all of these projects I’ve come to realize that my favorite thing about Sonya is how versatile she is. Whether it is a commercial space or residential design, Sonya has a connection with all of her projects and at the top of her list is making sure her clients feel the connection as well.

I began my journey with Sonya doing seasonal decorating for our Salon and Spa. Each season change she would come in and transform our space, making us all feel excited about a new season.  Our clients would ask when the decorating would be happening and anticipate it for the whole month before!  Every time, it’s different and gorgeous, timeless and original, just perfect. After seeing what she could do with a seasonal makeover, I hired Sonya to completely re-design our Salon/ Spa; the outcome was breathtakingly beautiful. I was so pleased with the relationship and results that later, my husband and I hired Sonya to do some design at our cottage. Nothing but success and happiness.  We are and have always been such a fan of the work Sonya does, at home and for the business.  Honestly, if you are looking for anything to do with interior design, Sonya is unbelievable; she will turn your space into a place you don’t ever want to leave.”

S. Kirkham, Spotlight Hair + Spa, Richmond, Ontario