Online Design

If you don’t need an in-person visit from one of our designers, we can offer an easy online consultation. It’s like getting an “Interior Design in a Box” service with professional advice, tips and suggestions on how to get the look you want. The Online Design can provide a personalized Master Plan for any room in a concise professional design kit that still has Sonya’s signature style.

“Interior Design In A Box”


SMALL: Rooms less than 80 square feet (Powder Room, or Entrance).
MEDIUM: Rooms 80 – 150 square feet (Bathroom, Bedroom, or Home Office).
LARGE: Rooms 150 – 200 square feet (Living Room, Master Bedroom or Kitchen).
EXTRA LARGE: Rooms 250 – 300 square feet.


  • A sketch of the space, including measurements (please include all doors, windows and closets). See our Measurement Guide.
  • Details of the space in its current state (please provide photos)
  • Details explaining how you wish the finished space to look (fabrics swatches, paint codes, photo's from magazines and websites). This provides us with an idea of the design direction the project will take.
  • Email your photo's, swatches, and paint codes to us.
  • Submit payment by clicking the “Purchase Interior Design In A Box” button at the bottom of this page. We will begin the project once payment is received.


  • A presentation board with inspirational ideas that match your personal style.
  • A professionally drafted floor plan of layout, to include elevations and detailed furniture plan.
  • Pictures of recommended fabric materials, wallpaper, paint, flooring, tile and hardware.
  • Detailed specific fabric materials, samples of wallpaper and/or paint swatches, flooring, tile, and detailed source guide on where to buy our recommended materials and furnishings.
  • A step-by-step Master Plan that guides you on putting the design elements together.

Note: Once information and payment has been received, we will begin creating your master plan, which takes about 4 – 6 weeks to complete and emailed to you in a comprehensive package. Due to the nature of work and dedication involved, SKD Interior Design in a Box packages cannot be returned or exchanged.